Maximilian Gaub: What happened in his working life so far?

Maximilian Gaub konzentriert sich auf die Bereiche Content Marketing und Learning Design

Maximilian Gaub is a content strategist, lecturer in entrepreneurial journalism and founder. He has strategically developed new media brands, seminars and methodologies. What is he like? What does he offer? Who has he worked for? And how has he continued his education? MG in professional portrait.

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I. Personality: playful, well-founded, structured

  • „Likeable and authentic (…) super expertise, super guy (…) Maneuvered us well through the chaos (…) You want someone like that as a work colleague, because he helps you get ahead.“ – Graduates of the Austrian Journalism College (Österreichische Medienakademie)
  • „Structured approach (…) relaxed atmosphere (…) lots of know-how.“ – Trainees at the Burda School of Journalism.
  • „When it comes to developing innovative as well as journalistically sophisticated concepts, there is hardly anyone I prefer to work with than Max Gaub. His didactically approach, sense for the right topics and perspectives, coupled with a sense of humor that matches mine, always turns a project into an exciting journey together.“ – Patrick Lithander, former Director Business Development fischerAppelt
  • „Fun-loving, playful, sporty, polite, engaging, full of ideas, flippant, fatherly, supportive, precise, systematic, team-oriented.“ – About me
Gaub mit Mütze: "Ist weniger ein Style- denn ein ein Höflichkeits-Accessoire – das ich zur Begrüßung abnehme." (Foto: FitTech Company)
Gaub with a Beanie: „It’s not so much a style accessory as a courtesy accessory – which I take off to say hello.“ (Photo: FitTech Company)

II. Skills: Content Marketing & Learning Design


  • Content marketing: deriving and creating strategies, concepts, formats
  • Conceptualize media brands, create content, lead editorial teams
  • Conferences: Derive content, cast protagonists, define dramaturgy, host show
  • Write journalistic articles in text, images, audio, video
  • Languages: French (native), English (very good)


  • Developing and conducting seminars
  • Analyze and optimize learning processes
  • Developing methods – example journalistic dramaturgy: the „pearl necklace“
  • Guiding innovation processes, helping to shape them: free association techniques, target group surveys, idea generation


  • Startup Starter Kit: Content Marketing, Investor Communication, Processes
  • Entrepreneurial journalism: design thinking, business model canvas, rapid prototyping
  • Teaching the basics of marketing and PR to startups
FIBO 2022: Ich moderiere FitTech Summit VI – und spreche u.a. mit Marc Weitl, Anna Lisa Martin-Niedecken und Moritz Kreppel (Foto: FitTech Company)
Gaub in FIBO fever 2022: I’m moderating FitTech Summit VI – and talking to Marc Weitl, Anna Lisa Martin-Niedecken and Moritz Kreppel (Photo: FitTech Company)
Meine Arbeit: Zum Beispiel Co-Organisator des Digitalen Prototypenlabors Burda Bootcamp (Foto: Hubert Burda Media)
Gaub as an innovator: For example, co-organizer of the Burda Bootcamp digital prototype lab – together with Natalia Karbasova (Photo: Hubert Burda Media)

III. References: Publishers, companies, academies

Author: MAX, CHIP, Business Punk, Neon, Player, GQ, Playboy, Universitas, Macwelt, PC WELT (als Redakteur, als Reporter), Fit for Fun, Focus Online, Bodymedia, FIBO, Financial Times, Red Bulletin Innovator, Enkelfähig
Blogger: World of Mencraft, iWelt, Klarmobil, Arcor, Huffington Post
Editor-in-chief: C3 (o2, DKV, Victoria, ispo, Sportscheck), Condé Nast Manufaktur (Vorwerk, Silhouette, Lab1886 von Daimler, Bucherer AG), Burda Journalistenschule (SHARE, Get Lucky, Flatmaids, Oh Baby), IDG (iWelt), FitTech Summit, FitTech Insider
Content Marketeer Getty Images, Tomorrow Focus (Kunde: Sparda Bank), Management Club Österreich, IDG (Customer: AOL)
Coach for Entrepreneurial journalism, media brand creation; storytelling, article head and teaser; smartphone video (Hubert Burda Media, Burda Journalistenschule, Deutsche Journalistenschule, Österreichische Medienakademie (fka Kuratorium für Journalistenausbildung), Campus M21, IDG, Linde AG, Shiftschool, Editorial Office of the German Armed Forces/Federal Ministry of Defense
Creator of campaigns B.Famous, Burda Community Network
Learning Designer: Burda Bootcamp, Linde AG, Burda Journalistenschule, Hubert Burda Media Grow Media Class
Moderator: Burda Hackday, Unicredit Appathon
Pitch Consultant and Head of Concept: Fischer Appelt, C3, Ketchum Pleon
Entrepreneur: Gründer und Inhaber Magazin Manufaktur (2006), Mitgründer FitTech Company (2021)

IV. Education and training: Always keep learning

Basic Coding: Techcamp – finally learn to understand developers (2017)
Product Design: BRISK Business Design (2016)
Certified journalism trainer: Kuratorium für Journalistenausbildung (2014)
Dialectic conversation and negotiation techniques: Thorsten Bosch AG (2012)
Storytelling Masterclass: Waltermedia (2011)
Starting Solopreneurship: Founding Magazin Manufaktur (2006)
Journalistic traineeship: Burda Journalistenschule (2002-2004)
Master’s degree in education and psychology: LMU München (2000)

→ More working facts about me: have a look at my profile @Linkedin

Multiple Persönlichkeit: Auf dem Appathon von Unicredit arbeitete ich als Moderator und Berichterstatter (Foto: HVB)
Gaub’s „Multiple Personality“: At Unicredit’s Appathon – Me as Moderator and Reporter (Photo: HVB)

(Main Picture: Hubert Burda Media. Foto Lithander: Fischer-Appelt)

(Illustrationen: Puzzle by Yasser Megahed from the Noun Project, Language by Becris from the Noun Project, Trophy by Gregor Cresnar from the Noun Project, Weight by Dayanarra Pantig from the Noun Project)